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Plant engineering

Individual solutions for
best water quality

Customized water treatment for industry

Water is a precious commodity and the demands on water treatment in industry are correspondingly high. "Off-the-shelf" solutions are often not effective. Effective, ecological and at the same time economical implementation requires individual concepts. These may be more expensive than standard solutions, but the extra effort is worth it!

Since not all water is the same and the water quality must match the materials used, our experts individually match the required plant technology for industrial water treatment to your water and your process. In this way, we ensure that the operator always achieves maximum benefit, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.

W|C|S water care system -  Online Process Water Management
W|C|S® W|C|S® Online Process Water Management

Water treatment plants are regularly used in industry for cooling and process water as well as steam systems. For this purpose, softening plants, reverse osmosis plants as well as various accessories such as filters and system separators are available. Our employees have the necessary know-how and a lot of experience in these processes. They also have experience in other modern water treatment technologies.

The right solution for every industry

Depending on the specifications of the plant manufacturer, legal requirements, industry and application, defined limit values for water quality must be met.

Therefore, in addition to good water treatment, chemical conditioning agents are added.

We offer appropriate dosing technology and blowdown controler for this purpose.

Industry 4.0 in water treatment

Industry 4.0 does not stop at industrial water treatment either. For this purpose, we offer various standardized and individual concepts based on the WaterCareSystem W|C|S® water management system as well as other innovative solutions for the documented monitoring of cooling circuits.

Our services

  • Online process water management W|C|S®
  • DHC-Trace®-technology
  • Softening plants
  • Hardness control equipment
  • Reverse osmosis plants
  • Bio-sensor
  • Blowdown controler
  • Corrosion sensor
  • Filter plants
  • pH controls
  • Dosing systems
  • Corrosion measuring lines
  • Desalination plants

Would you like to learn more? Contact us!

Our consulting engineers will be glad to assist you.

Wasseraufbereitung Dr. Hartmann Chemietechnik

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of water treatment. We offer you the right solution for your requirements.

Erfahrung in der Wasseraufbereitung
Optimale Wasserqualität


Founded in Stuttgart in 1932, we are today one of the leading specialists in industrial process water treatment and process water optimization.

With an office, production and storage area of over 4500 m², we produce special chemical products for process water treatment and manufacture coordinated plant technology.


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Dr. Hartmann Chemical Engineering

Uhlandstrasse 30
71665 Vaihingen/Enz

+49 7042 9726-233
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