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Optimizing process costs through systematic hygiene

Excellent hygiene standards at the lowest possible process costs - this goal is at the heart of our work. As a leading provider of system solutions for disinfection and dry cleaning, our team is your experienced partner in all matters of process optimization.

Disinfection and chemical cleaning

In evaporative cooling systems, humidifiers and recooling towers, mineral deposits are formed by scale, iron, manganese, etc. and inputs from the environment, which then form a breeding ground for biofilm (microbiology), bacteria and viruses.

Our consulting engineers know the hygienically critical areas and potential hazards and thus ensure the operation of your plants in accordance with the legal requirements. With our decades of experience in cooling tower cleaning, expertly planned and executed mechanical cleaning and disinfection, the service life of the plants is extended and people's health is reliably protected.

This is how safe cleaning works

Before carrying out the work, Dr. Hartmann consulting engineers perform a complete system survey directly on site at the customer's premises.

This includes the following steps:

  • System inspection on site
  • Analysis of the samples in the laboratory
  • Selection of suitable cleaning and disinfection products
  • Preparation of a customized offer
  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning or disinfection of the plant
  • Documentation of the cleaning success


Your net benefit

Hygienesicherheit nach 42. BImSchV
Hygienic safety according
Verbesserung der Wirtschaftlichkeit
Improvement of economic efficiency
Process reliability
Improved ecological balance
Nachhaltige, effiziente und effektive Prozesskreisläufe
Sustainable, efficient and
effective process
Senkung von Energiekosten
Reduction of energy costs

This means problem solving in all areas of disinfection, cleaning, sanitation and disposal. Our team always coordinates closely with the operator and takes into account all factors - from the availability of the system and the materials used to hygiene aspects, costs and environmental friendliness. We then implement an economical water treatment system that focuses on hygiene, process safety, efficiency and environmental aspects.

Cleaning evaporative cooling systems - safely and effectively!

Cleaning cooling tower systems is an area in which our consulting engineers and service technicians have a great deal of experience and know-how. Over time, the interaction of water, heat, air, and entries leads to contamination and deposits. This reduces efficiency and increases energy consumption, and can lead to health risks Plants must always be in a hygienically perfect operating condition.

Optimization potential

  • Legal compliance
  • Hygienically flawless operation
  • Reduction of downtimes and production losses
  • Improvement of efficiency
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Reduce health hazards
  • Reduce microbiology in the system
  • Reduce legionella infestation
  • Unhindered heat transfer
Desinfektionen und chemische Reinigungen - Dr. Hartmann Chemietechnik

Scale, corrosion, biofilm and process-related contamination can be successfully and gently removed by our chemical products

Desinfektionen und chemische Reinigungen
Chemische Reinigung


Founded in Stuttgart in 1932, we are today one of the leading specialists in industrial process water treatment and process water optimization.

With an office, production and storage area of over 4500 m², we produce special chemical products for process water treatment and manufacture coordinated plant technology.


Your contact to us

Dr. Hartmann Chemical Engineering

Uhlandstrasse 30
71665 Vaihingen/Enz

+49 7042 9726-233
+49 7042 9726-99

+49  7042 9726-233

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