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Heating water treatment

Heating water treatment
for optimization and renovation of heating systems
Heating water treatment during operation

Stone formation, corrosion and silting are frequent causes of damage in older heating systems. For these reasons, VDI 2035 specifies guide values for the filling and make-up water. These provide the basis for economical, safe and sustainable use and contribute to the fulfillment of warranty conditions, which the operator should always keep in mind.

The guideline of VDI 2035 (prevention of damage in hot water heating systems) is a set of rules on the current state of the art and increases the energy efficiency and operational safety of heating systems in which the intended flow temperature of 100°C is not exceeded.

Dr. Hartmann's heating water treatment in the bypass process enables compliance with the prescribed values. This means that existing heating water in the heating system can also be treated during operation in accordance with VDI 2035 and has the following advantages

  • Better heat transfer and thus savings in heating costs.
  • The formation of corrosion, scale or sludge is prevented
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Preventing long-term damage to the system
  • Manufacturer specifications are taken into account
  • Sustainable action through process reliability and value retention

An initial heating water analysis provides an overview. Ask us to help you.Learn more in our free webinar: "Renovation of heating systems".

Your net benefit

Senkung von Energiekosten
Reduction of energy costs
Verbesserte Ökobilanz
Improved ecological balance
Reduction of maintenance costs
Reduction of maintenance costs
Verbesserung der Wirtschaftlichkeit
Improvement of economic efficiency
Hoher Wirkungsgrad
High availability
Compliance with guidelines
Compliance with guidelines
Reduction of system cleaning costs
Reduction of system cleaning costs

Optimization potential

  • Increase of operational and work safety
  • Improvement of the process flow
  • Reduction of chemical dosing
  • Avoidance of malfunctions
  • Reduction of downtimes and production losses
  • Optimization of environmental compatibility
  • Value preservation
  • Reduction of suspended solids
  • Process reliability
  • Increase of Cycles of Concentration

Information on VDI 2035 (Association of German Engineers)

Prevention of damage in hot water heating systems - scale formation and water-side corrosio

The guideline has been revised and deals with damage caused by scale formation and water-side corrosion.

It provides recommendations on how to avoid them in hot water heating systems according to DIN EN 12828 within a building where the intended flow temperature does not exceed 100 °C.

It also applies to hot water heating systems that are operated temporarily or permanently in direct hydraulic connection with corrosion-proof closed cold or cooling water circuits.

"Stone formation" and "water-side corrosion" are now dealt with in a joint guideline.

Technical knowledge from the area of "existing plants" is taken into account.

Heizungswassersanierung Dr. Hartmann

Our consulting engineers will be happy to assist you on site with any questions you may have on the subject of heating water treatment.


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