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Drinking water systems

Drinking water systems   of the highest quality and purity
Drinking water systems - safe and effective

Today, drinking water is considered the most important of all foodstuffs and has already become a luxury good in many parts of the world. The German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) protects people's health, as do EU-wide regulations. Our sophisticated drinking water treatment products and services ensure that you comply exactly with each of these regulations.

Your net benefit

Senkung Instandhaltungskosten
Reduction of maintenance costs
Verbesserung der Wirtschaftlichkeit
Improvement of economic efficiency
Sauberes keimfreies Wasser
Clean, germ-free water
Improved ecological balance

For example, drinking water systems must be protected against disruptive factors such as scale, corrosion and microorganisms (e.g. Legionella). This is the only way to ensure that the drinking water bubbles out of the water points in top quality. This is always the most important goal in the treatment of drinking water systems and prevents the precious water from being affected by external influences.

Especially in industry, stagnation is one of the biggest enemies in drinking water treatment when it comes to optimum hygiene. For example, little-used pipes can become veritable breeding grounds for harmful pathogens. To prevent this effectively, we offer special products and processes for drinking water treatment in industry, so that you can drink your water without hesitation.

Optimization potential

  • Protection against impurities
  • Protection against corrosion and scale
  • Extension of maintenance intervals
  • Avoidance of malfunctions
  • Value retention
  • Prevention of biofilms
  • Prevention of odor development

Our treatment programs improve the quality of your drinking water and effectively protect it from all types of contamination.

Trinkwassersysteme Dr. Hartmann Chemietechnik


Founded in Stuttgart in 1932, we are today one of the leading specialists in industrial process water treatment and process water optimization.

With an office, production and storage area of over 4500 m², we produce special chemical products for process water treatment and manufacture coordinated plant technology.


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Dr. Hartmann Chemical Engineering

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